Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Techniques for a Natural Looking Face Lift

Today's deeper and more advanced facelift redrapes skin and underlying tissue for a younger, natural facial look. A composite facelift, or composite rhytidectomy, is a technique that can make you look year's younger. It lifts not only your skin, but also the underlying fat of the cheeks and drapes the skin and fat back over the cheek bones. Rather than a stretched, mask-like look, the skin and fat are repositioned to your facial structure which creates a more natural appearance. the surgeon will surgically tighten your neck muscles to give you a more defined and firmer neckline.

In the composite facelift, the neck muscle that goes over the jawline is lifted with facial skin to correct any sagging jowls. This new technique is more effective and natural looking than ever before. Gone is the streched mask-like plastic look of yesteryear's facelift. Not every plastic surgeon performs this particular type of facelift. During your consultation, ask the surgeon if he or she performs the composite facelift and to advise you of the risks and benefits involved.